Weezer - Back to the Shack

back to the strat with the lightning strap

Alright, this song is masturbatory as hell, but I think it won this idiot weezer fan over to officially being excited for this record. It’s not as wincingly desperate to be a massive pop hit as the lead singles on their previous couple 3 or 4 records, so the cringe factor is turned down. It’s still catchy power-pop, very much in Cuomo’s wheelhouse, just with the band’s most brazenly self-referential lyrics and a weird limping but cool solo instead of the glam metal shit they’ve been doing for years. maybe………maybe everything WILL be alright in the end guys

Whenever you think, ‘I’m a waste of space and I’m a burden’, that also describes the Grand Canyon. ‘Oh, but I owe people a lot of money and everybody hates me’ - hello, Europe! ‘Oh, but I killed someone!’ So have firecrackers and onion rings, who gives a shit? ‘Oh, but I’ve done some other horrible, unforgivable thing’ - there’s six billion of us, Google it. Somebody has done exactly what you’ve done, and they’re currently on a book tour. You’re never alone.
Maria Bamford